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Murti Pratista

Though all devotees used to meet every Sunday at one of the generous family’s home to worship and socialize, keeping in mind as we grow that our own Temple and center would be established. Thoughts of this requirements were also put to the devotees by his Holiness Acharya Maharajshree Tejendraprasadji Maharaj during his last visit to Uganda but it failed to become a reality as all members of the Asian community were expelled from Uganda, in the early seventies.

Later on, when the situation improved in mid-eighties, the Government of Uganda invited Asians to return to Uganda for the re-development of Uganda. Soon and later many Asian communities respected the invitation and returned to Uganda. Kutch community had little to come and repossess but Uganda is the Pearl of Africa and the best in the East African region, many were delighted to come back or for the first time along with other communities.As life continued further more and more devotees and community members settled in Uganda.Kutch community being the domination in construction and agricultural industries, many businesses of this community were diversified to Uganda from other East African regions.