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Daily I sit for Shikshapatri's Parayan


Daily I sit for Shri Vachanamrut's Parayan


Daily I sit for Shri Satsangi Jivan's Parayan


Daily I sit for Shri Satsangi Bhusan's Parayan

airs as we are, but he pretends to be a devotee. Sometimes he goes to Gadhada. And while moving here and there he recites the name of “Swaminarayan...Swaminarayan. It is merely a “Show”. Once the people of Bandhia had gone to a pilgrimage of Dwarka. While returning they visited Gadhada. They thought “The God of Doshabhai, the Bania of our village belongs to this place. Now let us go to see for ourselves what type of God He is.” Thinking thus, they came to see Shriji Maharaj. Maharaj welcomed them as per his custom and offered them seats.

On finding that these people were from Bandhia, Maharaj was much pleased and inquired about Doshabhai. “Is our Doshabhai well?” inquired Maharaj, “He is a noble man.” The people of Bandhia replied: “Maharaj, he is your devotee, so it is but natural that you may praise him. Otherwise he is merely an ordinary man of this world like us. On the contrary, we might be engrossed shoulder deep in the worldly affairs, whereas Doshabhai is completely engrossed in the worldly affairs from top to toe.”

Maharaj disagreed with them and said: “I know him very well.” The people said: “Maharaj, you live very far from him, while we are his next door neighbours. We know him by every inch.” “However,” continued Maharaj, “Give this note to him.” Maharaj at once got a letter written there and then. He wrote: “Leave all your belongings - house, property, business, etc. and come here.”

The people reached Bandhaia with this letter. Directly they went to Doshabhai's shop. Doshabhai was weighing jaggery at that time. “Here is a note from Maharaj,” saying thus, the people gave it to Doshabhai. Doshabhai put down the scales, took the note and read it. After reading the note, he started going out. He did not even stop to say, “Please look after the shop”. All the people said, “Doshabhai, where are you going?”

Doshabhai could not afford to wait a minute more. He answered while moving, “Maharaj has called me and I am going.”The people were stunned at this reply.

They praised Doshabhai to themselves: “We regarded Doshabhai completely engrossed in the worldly affairs, while this Doshabhai turned out to be quite disinterested in the worldly affairs. It is quite impossible for us.”