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Shriji Maharaj left his home when he was eleven years of age. Then for eight years he roamedin the forests and visited the places of pilgrimage. At last he made an entry in Gujarat and Saurashtra. At the age of nineteen he became a disciple of Ramanand Swami. Within a year and a half he was entrusted the great responsibility of the whole Sampraday. Thereafter what Shriji Maharaj did is unique. He laid the bare the magnificent principles of devotion, renunciation, penance and service. There was a great tide of worship devotion everywhere. The whole of Gujarat was fully drenched with devotion.

Shriji Maharaj thought, “The work for which I had to be born is achieved, but something should be done towards its continuation of tradition. For this, some Acharya should be established.” He called for his saints and asked,” How do you find if I nominate one of you as Acharya and entrust him the whole charge of Sampraday ?” The saints humbly said, “Maharaj, if you entrust it to any saint, his sainthood would disappear. Hence kindly nominate some householder a GRIHASTHA on the post of Acharya and entrust him the responsibility of the Sampraday.” “Does it mean that a householder will be the GURU of an ascetic - a saint ?” asked Maharaj. The saints said, “that is the desirable idea. Kindly install one of the members from your holy family. In ancient times preachers of religion, Rishis, were householders.”

Twenty eight years had passed since Shriji Maharaj left his home. But none of his members of his family had forgotten the child Ghanshyam. How can they? Was it merely a trifle human act ? It was act of divinity. Everyone, young and all, was maintaining in his mind the memory of child Ghanshyam fresh. Maharaj's elder brother Ramapratapji, his wife Suvasinibai, Maharaj's younger brother Ichharamji and his wife Variyalibai never tired to tell their children the wonderful tales of Leelas performed by child Ghanshyam. Their eyes filled with tears when they talked about these tales.very inch of their body filled with emotion. One day Ramapratap was in such emotional state of mind. At that moment, there arrived an ascetic saint. He welcomed them warmly. These saints were from Param Hansa of Shriji Maharaj. They informed Ramapratapji about Shriji Maharaj. On hearing Shriji's news, Ramapratap was filled with emotion. Tears rolled down his cheeks. He became impatient to see Maharaj. All young and old, had the similar state of mind. The saints conveyed Maharaj's commandment: Maharaj, has sent us to take you all from Ayodhya”.

Men, women, the young and the old, started for Ayodhya to have Maharaj's Darshan. They arrived to Saurashtra, after a long journey. Here they were given a warm welcome. All the three brothers met here for the first time after twenty eight years. Whatever conversation they had among themselves has been described by Nishkulanand Swami in his book Bhakta Chintamani. Then Shriji

Maharaj, with the consent of saints, adopted the son of his elder brother Ramapratap Shri Ayodhya Prasada and Raghuvirji, the son of his younger brother Ichharamaji, as his sons. They were installed as Aacharyas of the Sampraday. Maharaj, then, said, “O my dear sons, I install you on the seat of Aacharyas in my place for the welfare of Sadhus and saints. There are two temples among the most magnificent temples constructed by me. One of them the temple of NARNARAYAN DEV, is in Ahmedabad. And the other, the main temple of LAXSHMI NARAYAN, is at Vadtal. I install two seats of Acharya for these temples. I, thus, divide the territory into two parts. The southern part belongs to Laxshminarayan Dev, and the northern part belongs to NarNarayan Dev. I have entrusted both of you in these two different territories the seat of Acharya.

Saying thus, Maharaj wrote two commandments. He commanded both the Aacharyas to lift anyone of these two commandments. Shri Ayodhyaprasadji thus, chanced upon the commandment of SHRI NAR NARAYANA DEV, and that of SHRI LAXMI NARAYAN DEV in the hands of Shri Raghuvirji.

Shriji Maharaj, now addressed the saints, “Consider henceforth, both of them as your GURU ACHARYA. Whosoever lives in southern part will consider the GURU ACHARYA of that part, and those living in the northern part shall consider GURU ACHARYA of that part. You shall observe their commands as mine. O my saints, all shall obey my command. I will undoubtedly carry all those to AKSHARDHAM who shall abide by the rules of these two Aacharyas. Varniraj Shri Vasudevanand Muni has narrated in his book about this divine incident. Everyone is recommended to read it. Shriji Maharaj addressed both the Acharyas,” O my sons, you shall have your own disciples. Never have disciples belonging not to your territory. Never accept you. If you accept it, redirect it to the Acharya of the concerned (respective) territory. In doing so, if any controversy arises, never involve saints into it. This shall be settled by two pious and religious minded householders from each part.”

Shriji Maharaj has also commanded the Acharya in Shikshapatri , “I have installed Ayodhaprasad and Raghuvir as the Aacharyas. They shall initiate any MANTRA to any other women other than his own very near relative. They shall open PATHSHALAS to propagate good ideas. Visitors to temples shall be honoured by offering ANNADANA. Never be cruel to any living being. Never accept any deposit.” Acharya Shri Viharilalji Maharaj, in his epoch making book, HARI LEELAMRIT, has written on this important incident.

The Commandment of the Shikshapatri (71) “My disciples shall never enter into arguments with their Acharya, but they shall perform Pooja to the Aacharyas by offering him food, money, clothes etc., according to their means”.

The teacher is advised to read before his students the related position on these episodes from Hari Leelamrit part II, Satsangi Bhusana part II, Bhakti Chintamani and Shikshapatri.