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Akaran Dhanurasana

This asana is particularly useful for those with desk jobs. It strengthens the lungs, liver and large intestine. The muscles of the waist and shoulders also get strength and energy.


In stretching the muscles on both sides this asana makes the body flexible. It improves the functioning of the heart and lungs. The lives, the stomach and the intestines are also strengthened by its practice. It improves digestion and increases appetite. It gives relief to those suffering from sciatica.


This asana makes the spine elastic and tones up the nervous system along with the spinal nerve-roots. This is especially advantageous for those suffering from diabetes. All kinds of backaches are by its practice. The digestive organs, specially the pancreas and the liver, become string. The lings and heart are also toned up.

Badha Padmasana

It is very useful asana for the abdomen and the spine. It. Cures constipation, drowsiness, sleeps ness, laziness, night-discharge & other semen troubles. It helps in curing T.B., asthma and cough. Disorders of the nervous system and the abdomen can be cured by its practice. It also removes the flabbiness of their abdomen after childbirth. It calms down the mind and increases the power of concentration.


This asana makes the spine elastic, relieves backache, strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, chest and abdomen. Women get relief from pair during their menstruation periods. It also cures shakiness of hands, neck and head.


This asana provides full exercise to the spine which becomes more elastic. It benefits the kidneys. Entire digestive area is stretched, by which abdominal disorders are cured. It also provides sufficient exercise to the neck, ribs and lungs. It helps remove obesity. It helps cure menstruation and uterus disorders. The heart becomes strong.

Exercise For The Eyes

The eyes are a very important of our body. Neti & Trataka are very useful for improving eyesight. Daily practice of these Kriyas is a must. These two Kriyas are mentioned in detail in chapter of yogic purification practices.


This gives strength to the knees, shins and feet. It prevents disorders of the semen and prevents and enlargement of the testicles. It is also beneficial for the nervous system, lungs and heart.

Gyan Mudra

One should sit in any of these asanas while practicing Dhyana. These postures strengthen the nerves of the spinal cord and make them elastic; the sense organs are controlled; the respiration gets balanced; concentration increases; the movement of Prana in Sushumna is regulated because of the straight position of the spinal cord.


This is very useful for increasing mental and physical energy. It helps in the supply of the fresh blood to the spine and its ligaments; abdominal cavity is compressed and fresh blood enters this region. It also give strength to pancreas, spleen, kidneys and liver. It removes fat from the abdominal region and the waist. It helps to cure backache and fatigue of legs. It also increases memory and elasticity.


As it is a reverse posture, it brings the nervous system in natural position. Balance of the body is maintained. It reduces the paunch and cures constipation.


This is a very useful posture for Dhyana. It helps to increase the concentration of mind. It also removes all seminal disorders. It brings elasticity and youthful agility in the entire body. It has a special effect in toning up the muscles of knees, ankles and thighs. It is good for those suffering form sciatica.


It strengthens the shoulders and relieves abdominal stiffness. The spine gets strength and entire nervous system in toned up.


It increases the circulation of blood in the body and relieves the body exhaustion. It particularly has good effect on the abdomen. The back and neck are exercised and their elasticity brings back youth and beauty to the body.


This asana relieves the stiffness caused in the neck because of Sarvangasana. It invigorates pituitary gland, whick keeps the development of the body balanced. The neck, face, lungs and heart get nourishment. The muscles of the waist and abdomen get exercise; constipation is removed.


It is a useful asana for stomach problems and is the best asana for combating diabetes. It cures enlargement of spleen and has a very good effect on the pancreas and liver.


It enhances the working power of the kidneys and digestive organs and removes all the disorders of wind, bile and phlegm. It increases blood circulation in the body and purifies the blood. This gives beauty and oja to the body. Sluggishness of the liver and hepatic torpidity are removed. This also helps to check obesity.


It rouses the gastric fire and invigorates appetite. Disorders of the kidney, liver and spleen are removed. Obesity, piles backache and constipation – all disappear with its regular practice. It helps strengthen sushumna nadi and increases the elasticity of the spine, thereby giving perennial youth.


This asana regulates the wind in the body. It brings the wind down, so that it can be easily exhausted through the anus. The wind then does not cause disorders in the stomach, and constipation is also relieved. It also helps in keeping away the diseases of the lungs and the heart. Obesity and excessive fat of the abdomen also diminish.


There are about 50 types of pranayama which are described in the shastras. Here we describe only the eight important ones are Nadi Shodhana, Kapala Bhati, Bhastrika, Ujjayee, Bhramari, Sheetali, Sheetakari and Suraya Bhedan Pranayam. Some of these like Bhastrika and Surya Bhedan are useful during winter, While some others likes Sheetakari are specifically advantageous during summer. Others are good for all seasons.

Rest Posture

While doing sitting asanas, practice ‘rest posture’ after every asana. This will normalize the breath and bring the stretched limbs, muscles and nerves to their original positions.


It helps in activating the blood flow towards the neck and head. All our body organs in this region are nourished and strengthened. The disorder of the thyroid, tonsils, neck, lungs and ears are removed. The strength of the brain and the nerves is increased, eye sight is improves, wind is controlled and blood purified.


This is the reverse posture of Suptavajrasana and should invariably be performed after it. This is an asana of relaxation. It calms the disturbed mind and gives strength and energy to the brain. Negative feelings of anger, hatred, etc.


All parts of the abdomen get fully exercised. It keeps the heart, spine and lungs healthy and strong. It saves us from the diseases of the heart. Obesity is also cured.


This asana puts new life in a battered body and mind. The stiffness of tissues and restlessness of mind can be easily removed by it. When we do Shavasana after another asana, the blood reaches the depth of each tissue and nerve, so that impurities are washed off, lungs purify more blood.


All the body systems are strengthened by its practice-the circulatory system, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the nervous system and the excretory system. They become healthy and strong. It is however of greatest benefit to the brain as it helps give nourishment to all its cells and tissues by reversing the blood supply. Premature graying of hair is stopped by its practice. The skin becomes bright and smooth and the face become radiant.


It is specially a useful asana for the kidneys. The neck, shoulders are spine get strength. The glands of the neck and tonsils get influenced favorably. The body gets youthful elasticity. It causes an abundant flow of blood towards the backbone. It is a very useful asana for strengthening the heart.


The knees, things, waist, abdomen, spine, neck and ankles are strengthened. The kidneys and the organs of procreation, in both the women and men, are toned up. It relieves hot temper and physical and mental exhaustion.


Suryanamaskara is actually a composite exercise containing seven different asanas. Stomach, lungs, liver, spleen; intestines and spinal cord are strengthened by its regular practice. The entire body, specially the waist, gains in elasticity.


This asana helps the large intestine and spleen in proper functioning. The muscles and nerves of the spinal cord become flexible while stretching. The muscles of the waist are strengthened. The neck and its glands also get good exercise.


It has good effect on the glands of the neck. The fatness of the belly and waist are gradually removed and the body becomes more elastic. It corrects the digestive system and removes the disorders of the abdomen. It gives energy to the chest and the lungs. And checks tridosha.


This is the best and sure remedy for obesity. Abdominal disorder are cured. Even chronic constipation is removed. Spine, shoulders and the muscles of the back are strengthened. This is very useful asana for increasing height. It increases appetite and cures backache.

Yoga Mudra

The impurities stuck in the legs and joints leaves their place and the muscles get strengthened. Digestive organs become healthy; the stomach, liver and spleen are toned are toned up; constipation is removed. The spine and the nerve tissues originating from it as well as the muscles of waist get strengthened.